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Supercharged Tech SEO Miracles w/out PPC or Adwords

100%-500% Across the Board Increases in just 7 Days!

You don’t need to understand website traffic, computers or even math to know that when something increases it is a good thing!

Check out the screenshots of our Analytics and you can see some of the highlights in key areas of our results. All green…..amazing. How did we do it and without any paid advertising or other methods of social promotions?


We took one of our clients sites and made adjustments in a few key areas and many won’t believe the changes that were experience in this 7 day test.
This is with a 3 day period on a site that has about 100-300 visits a day over the weekends. Imagine if your site has 100,000 – 1,000,000 pages with 500,000 visits per day! This system is applicable across industries and affects every page on the website.
A popular weekend sports promotion shows almost all areas of Google Analytics improved with traffic from one weekend (Friday – Sunday) compared to traffic of the previous weekend (Friday – Sunday).
This occurred with just 3 days of work to implement some key areas of the website and from improving the mailing lists and a small server adjustment.
Onsite SEO is not always the solution and this is why systems like ours are able to consistently out perform the competition.
On this next image here you can the All Pages results from and they represent the individual traffic patterns of each pages that visitors visited.
In this test pattern we achieved a 60.92% increase from one weekend to the next. If the Bounce Rate had gone up then this number would be less significant because when traffic increases like this it doesn’t always mean that people aren’t immediately leaving the website. The Bounce Rate in this case had a 13.56% improvement so that means that more people remained on the website to view more content. Content is King people. The time on the pages also increased 37.46% which is what helps to get the attention of search engines. This indicates to them that viewers see quality and useful content which can translate into improved search engines. All of these numbers are important to one another so when someone says they increase traffic it’s critical to understand as a site owner that increases are not always good if the other statistics aren’t in sync with them.

Proactive SEO

When we made modifications to mailing lists and emails that were bouncing due to SPF errors in the mailer then we increased the amount of opt-in users  who were receiving 1000s of promotional emails. Because so many of those users are on mobile devices we also had a large increase in mobile traffic as well as desktop traffic. By being more mobile friendly we also got the attention of search engines who prefer mobile friendly websites.
There was a 38.75% increase in New Users with a decrease in the bounce rate and a 104% increase in the average Session Duration (time on site basically).


Keep in mind that when looking at any of these screenshots that you will not see any drops which would be represented by numbers in RED. It is common to see a variation in results where something improves and something else doesn’t. Across the board this performance is all Green which shows the quality of the improvements that were made. This was accomplished by a proactive approach that took an extra few hours to accomplish but in the end helped increase our audience and response rates by a landslide.

Web Analytics

Dirty Secrets of Internet Marketing – Stop Trying to Be your own SEO Expert

Yes, believe it or not this still is anything but a Do It Yourselfer industry. Now that we got that out of the way….here is the path you need to follow if you want to take your business seriously.
Be the business owner or manager and focus on your business. Micromanaging processes that are outside of your scope of expertise will only frustrate and irritate the people who are getting paid to help you.
SEO, Technical SEO, Internet Security, hacker threat prevention, fraud detection and a myriad of other things are best handled by the people who do it for a living.
Even for a small town auto mechanic the online threats are alive and well waiting to get into your website and anything you have online. It only takes one point of entry to cost the unsuspecting, or non believers, into paying sometimes thousands of dollars  in lost revenue, reputation and other possible crippling effects.
Even though you might continue working offline the online business can be affected by negative reviews due to a breach of a website. This can affect your reputation in the community if people think your website is not unsafe.
This is just a cross section of reasons why the DIY needs to re consider trying to DIY. It’s not worth it.

WHY should the work be outsources to experts (plural) and not a friend who “knows computers” or a Web Designer?

1.) Web Designers are web designers. I personally can build websites but work in the technical side of the industry by choice.
Mechanics modify race cars to make them outperform the competition. These are your Technical SEO and performance pros.
Body shops paint the cars to make them look nice for the sponsors and the fans. These are your website designers.
Race car drivers drive the cars. This is the business owner and the customer.
Artistic work is a different mentality altogether than a high level technical aptitude that is needed to manage the 100s if not 1000s of factors that make managing a powerful website successful. A business owner and a website designer can’t have the cutting edge if they have to focus on their normal every day work.

How to avoid getting screwed by a service

Keep ownership of everything. Accounts should be set up by 3rd party services in your name, company name, internal emails addresses, etc. You should always be able to walk away from a service provider with minimal complications.
Sometimes it’s easier to let someone else set things up but at the very least try to have them add your email as Admin or otherwise in order to maintain ultimate ownership control of an account.
Listen to your Google Analytics
This is where people get screwed. The most common response I get is that Analytics is too complicated and doesn’t seem important.
YES IT IS!! It’s complicated and it’s important.
If you’re not studying your Analytics you’re only hurting yourself and your business. If your SEO team is not giving feedback on Analytics then something needs to change.
Analytics shows you where the sources of customers are and what strengths from your website are the most effective. A good Analytics reading every 30 days can change the course of a business marketing strategy.
Ignoring the importance of Analytics and not responding to recommendations can cost lost business and turn current customers away.
Bathroom Reading
If you’re not already in the bathroom reading this along with People magazine and Reader’s Digest then I suggest a quick read here from one of my favorites regarding Technical SEO. This is one of many articles that sums up some of the basics. There are others and I encourage reading them as well. Ultimately you need to understand that there things that average people don’t understand. Performance tuning a website and the machine behind the scenes is critical for security, speed, multiple mobile devices, viewing sizes, browser types, payment methods, sharing, and more.

Technical SEO checklist: 7 essential tips to implement now for 2017

CF Mason – HGIC – Unleash Your Geek, Inc.

When you’re ready to do it right speak to an expert about evaluating your current situation. There is no such thing as a cookie cutter solution to SEO or website development. All websites are built differently to function with different types of businesses. The back end as well needs to be tuned to work with your method of running the business.
For this and so many more reasons there is no shame in outsourcing because you’re “computer illiterate”.
I visit a doctor for medical and a transmission specialist for my car.
I go to a Technical SEO expert to handle my site. In this case it’s myself but you get the idea.
For more info send me a note on any social media and I’ll be happy to help you out to see where you’re at.


Website Speed and Server Security

They work hand in hand.
By fine tuning the speed of the website the files on the website (like scripts, themes, style sheets/css) are being optimized as well. This will usually mean that they are getting enhanced security and updates in the process.
Having a nice looking website is important but having a secure site that loads fast and that is a step ahead of your competition is vital to having the strategic edge in this competitive market place.
An effective website performance process can be 100s of steps long and take months to accomplish.
On a basic site it can be done in as little as a day if everything is in place to have the work done.
Don’t let these things get overlooked or put off for too long. They should be done during the development process so that the same steps don’t have to be done more than once.

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Unlike many SEO companies we offer some things that are tough to find in today’s market:


    • Consultation: Your account manager will meet with you to ensure we understand your business, your products and services, and your target market
    • <Optional> Managed Servers to guarantee that your website loads fast for your visitor

WEBSITE DESIGN for SEO – Is your website design hampering your SEO efforts? We see it all the time. We can rebuild your existing website to work with the search engines (we can often keep the same look). We will build a whole new website that is SEO friendly from the ground up. We can incorporate your graphics, logos, images and video. We can also add contact forms and improve other calls to action. Our content writers can update existing content or develop additional content for your website or blended website campaign.

Website Analysis. We evaluate your site structure, page meta-data, content, keyword density, and other factors critical to SEO success.

Keyword Research. We assess the competitiveness of the keywords related to your business offerings and develop a cost-effective strategy to target search phrases that will bring business to your door.

Roadmap Creation. Your SEO team will meet and create a detailed roadmap outlining activities to be completed over the coming months.

Execution. We complete the tasks in the roadmap and work with you to get the necessary changes to your site implemented.


We want to double your traffic with more potential gamers. COMPLETE ORGANIC SUBMISSION Get a Very Unique Submission of your website to more relevant places than any other company offers for this price. Why? Because we know when you see what this does for you that you’re going to come back for more. This is our teaser of how Kick Ass our service is! We have a list of over 300 locations where we can submit your website into relevant and contextual places and that will provide positive backlinks from legitimate low and high traffic sources. This includes the creating of accounts at each location and we will provide you a list of those accounts and login credentials when the task is complete.

Specialized to handle the specific needs of the real estate community

White hat SEO refers to the usage of optimization strategies, techniques and tactics that focus on a human audience opposed to search engines and completely follows search engine rules and policies.


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In this case, technical SEO just refers to any SEO work that is done aside from the content. Essentially, it’s laying a strong foundation to give your content the best chance it can have to rank for relevant keywords and phrases

Organic search engine optimization refers to the methods used to obtain a high placement (or ranking) on a search engine results page in unpaid, algorithm-driven results on a given search engine. 

Business to Business requires its own type of marketing which is unique from the average social marketing which is commonly used for retail environments


Online Gaming and Sportsbooks have a niche market that is highly competitive. For this complex industry, it takes a special approach to reach the audience effectively.


301 Redirects
Additional Links
Article Submissions
Article Writing
Blog Commenting
Blog Creation and Posting
Canonical Tags
Classified Ad Postings
Classified Ads Content Creation
Competitor Analysis
Detailed Site Analysis
Directory Submission
Facebook Posting
Forum Account Creation
Forum Posting
Google Analytics Setup and Optimization
Google Base Feeds
Google Places – Google+
HTML and Content Optimization
Images and Link Optimization
Initial Search Engine Ranking Report


SEO Articles
SEO Copywriting and Content Density
Setup of Social Media Profiles
Site Architecture Analysis
Sitemap creation and submission
Slide Sharing
Social Bookmarking of Blog Posts and Articles
Social Media marketing
Squidoo Marketing
Twitter Posts
Vertical Research
Video Optimization
Video Posting
W3C Validation
Web 2.0 Blog Submissions
Webmaster Tools Analysis and Maintenance
Website Audit
Wiki Media Creation
XML Sitemaps and Submission(s)
Yelp/Foursquare Profiles
YouTube Channel(s) setup

Technical SEO

Technical audits can take from 40 -60 hours depending on the size of the website and the organization.
As a potential customer we would like to emphasize that even though we list a lot of services in this section not every site requires the same attention. This list represents the areas that we check and then based on our results we use only the solutions necessary to properly optimize the website. Certain parts of this process can evolve with the work of the website which means that they get implemented as needed.
Technical SEO means something different so different people. To some it can be just the performance of the website. To others it gets more involved where server files get modified in order to meet stringent security requirements that affect exposure far beyond search engines.
Some websites have member areas that are used to allow their clients to access private information. In cases like this there are authority organizations that rank websites based on how secure a website is. All of the items listed here, when met, will make sure that a website meets all of the standards in over 95% of the situations where a 3rd party company might want to know your website is meeting industry requirements.
These audits are bucketed into separate parts
Technical: Crawl errors, indexing, hosting, etc.
Content: Keyword research,
Competitor analysis, content maps, meta data, etc.
  • SEO Tools Rank Checker
  • Moz Tools
    • Keyword Difficulty
    • Rank Tracker


  • Content embedded in Flash
  • Frames Site Construction
  • Session IDs Requirements
  • Cookie Acceptance Requirement
  • Secure Server Usage
  • Entry Page Requires Verification

Primary Content Element Integrity

  • Duplicate Content
  • HTML Page Titles
  • Meta Elements
  • Header Tags
  • Javascript Usage
  • In-line CSS Usage
  • Relevant Text within images of Flash
  • AJAX
  • Lack of Body Content
General Crawling Items

  • Use of Java Script Links
  • HTML Sitemap
  • XML Sitemap Files

HTML Source Code

  • Source Code Order Structure
  • Javascript Code
  • Use of External Files

Health Check

  • Perform a site Search
  • Brand Search
  • Total Pages indexed
  • Duplicate Content Review

Content Review

  • Quality, Length,
  • Human or Goal Focused,
  • Ease of Read Use

Internal Linking

  • Related Linking Structures
  • Recommendation Engine
  • Cross linking and category linking
  • Nofollow use
  • Consistent Linking
  • Canonicalization
  • Anchor Text
Main Navigation Elements

  • Top Navigation
  • Side Navigation
  • Image-based Navigation
  • Footer Navigation
  • Javascript Navigation
  • Flash Navigation
  • Excessive links in Navigation

Redirect and Server Delivery

  • Javascript Redirect
  • 302 Temporary Redirect
  • Meta-Refresh Redirect
  • Redirect Chains
  • Proxy Content and URLs

Site Architecture

  • Deep Folder Structure
  • Internal Linkage Profile
  • Link Count per Page
  • Link Depth

Robot Directories

  • Robots.txt file is blocking spiders
  • lack of robots.txt file
  • Robots Meta Tag is blocking spiders
  • Use of Link Canonical
  • Use of Specialty Meta Tags

Site Performance

  • CDN Requirements
  • Image and file size optimization
  • Rewrites and Redirects
  • HTTP Requests
  • Static File Delivery
  • Compression
  • Source Order
  • Site Load Time
  • Response Codes (301, 302, 307, 410, 404, 500)

Traffic Analysis

  • Alexa.com
  • Compete.com
  • Hitwise.com
  • Quantcast.com
  • SEMRush.com

URL Structure

  • Keyword Use
  • Directory Structure
  • Directory Number and Names
  • Limited use of Parameters
  • Long Dynamic URLs
  • Session Tracking in URLs
  • Use of Session IDs in URLs
  • Domain Strategy

Full website Optimization tools to make sure your site is ready to be promoted on a tier equal or better than your competition

WEB CEO Dashboard for handling 100s of different on site technical and performance related tasks

What Should I Spend More Time On — Technical SEO or Content Marketing?


The Beginner’s Guide to Technical SEO