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un·leash ˌənˈlēSH – verb: release from a leash or restraint

un·leash Your Geek
release from a leash or restraint.
“we unleashed his hidden talent and the campaign succeeded beyond expectations”
synonyms: let loose, release, (set) free, unloose, untie, unchain
“if you learn to unleash your geek then you can accomplish whatever is possible”
cause (a strong or violent force) to be released or become unrestrained.
“the failure of the talks could unleash more fighting”
UNLEASH YOUR GEEK – Whatever talent that you have which you want to put into action.
You need to learn how to Unleash Your Geek.
This is what we do.
We show you how to unleash what makes it possible to get that extra cyber boost

The Secret to helping your business grow is to be less generous

Who would have thought this was the answer!

It seems to take the fun out of having a business that does so much to help people and their businesses.
In 10 years I’ve accomplished what none of my competitors or predecessors had been able to accomplish. This is accurate because I was hired in these cases because I was able to do what those before failed to accomplish.

I also built a reputation of being a man of my word. My word is like Gold and while I stand by and watch con artists and scammers take the legitimacy out of an industry that can carry such a great reputation I am forced instead to constantly battle the doubts, cynicism and skepticism of people who have been taken advantage of by Internet companies and self proclaimed consultants who have no experience.
Most of them can’t be found on Google. This isn’t a good sign by the way. Unleash Your Geek is all over and easy to find because our experience has scorched a solid path of success throughout the edges of the Internet.
By the time these companies find me they complain that they gave all their money to the guy before me so now they want a discount.
We should give a discount for doing a job properly because you gave money to someone who FAILED?
Please explain this logic to me.
Putting yourself out there to help another business succeed looks good on paper but in the end seems like a bad investment of time and energy. Moving forward we’ll have to do less no matter how it seems like it might benefit.
It’s too bad to have to have this approach to business relationships but the players in this world seem to have a different set of values and are happy to take something for nothing.
Save your favors, freebies and extra attention to clients who have already paid. The rest will need to find free labor from others.
If you hired someone who failed while taking all of your money we are sorry to hear that. If you want it done right then you’ll need to pay what the time and the task are worth.
Leave your doubts and skepticism at the door.
Our quality services start at the low introductory price of 50% more than the guy who failed to do the job you paid to have done.


The #1 Most Common Cause of Websites That Fail: "Measure Twice: Cut Once"

Sometimes our clients’ biggest obstacles are inside their own management team or process(es).
If your team members are creating road blocks by creating delays it’s time to hold those people accountable. Those delays create bottlenecks and affect the schedules and accomplishments of other people on the team. Eventually this becomes resentment and frustration which leads to massive loss of productivity.

If you hire someone to analyze and improve your SEO it may be because what you have tried isn’t working.
If you continue doing the same thing and insist that your new “SEO” people follow your own pattern of behavior you’re going to get the same results as before. Sometimes fixing a traffic problem begins by looking inside your own company and not at the website itself.
You can keep on painting your house but if your foundation isn’t stable it will eventually fall down no matter how attractive it is from the new paint.
When these improvements are resolved then your company, and your website, have a fighting chance to survive.

Old rules still apply.
This is #1 in the long list of Big corporate obstacles to productivity.
Rushing for lack of time will cost you more time then if you took the time to be careful the first time.

“Measure Twice: Cut Once”
Most of our clients, who we love and cherish, are inefficient and cost themselves money and time. With this simple rule a typical company can save itself money as well as increase revenue and improve Quality Control.
Like those people who make jogging like movements to appear like they’re hurrying when actually they’re not moving any faster than the people who are walking. They work in a frenzy to appear more busy then they are while accomplishing less than the multi-taskers who work more efficiently.
Perception of working harder or doing more simultaneously accomplishes nothing if the actual work isn’t getting adequate attention to detail.
This is why we hire people to be our eyes.
This is why management works on their specialty and we work on ours.
SEO and Internet Marketing should not be managed by people who are in a hurry, lack attention to detail or who otherwise affect timelines of productivity and ultimately the massive failure of their expensive marketing campaigns.

Breaking the Internet Traffic Limits! Who thought Anyone could Control Traffic like this?

We can and We Do….

If your increases don’t look like this then you might want to consider supplementing your current strategy with this Technical SEO based approach to improving and increasing the quality of visitors to your site.

Amazing Search Engine Traffic

AMAZING SEO with Amazing Results!

The big numbers in Green speak for themselves.
If this looks interesting to you then don’t be afraid to let us show you how to Unleash Your Geek also!!

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Introducing BiTcOiN SEO! Now Accepting Payments With BitCoin!

Bitcoin payments for SEO now being accepted

With the security concerns on the Internet with credit cards and the need for 100% White Label Reseller solutions we are providing a variety of Bitcoin solutions to process subscription and service payments.
This is a very exciting new frontier for us as we help your investment in Bitcoin to bring you actual discounts in your service!
Your discounts will grow as Bitcoin grows but will never be less than you paid.
If you buy services for 1 Bitcoin and the value of a Bitcoin is $1000 (for example) you will receive a discount on service if Bitcoin increases in value.
If that Bitcoin goes up to $1100 in value within 30 days of payment then you will get a $50 discount the next month.
Make BitCoin work for you! Get SEO for Bitcoin.
Stay Tuned for more information on how to pay with Bitcoin and Make a return on your investment!

Online Gaming SEO and Internet Marketing Solutions

The newbies who learned SEO online may be shocked to see that 90% of the rules get thrown out the window when marketing gaming websites.
Because the gaming companies run thousands of affiliates off of a master affiliate style system with a scripted page and generic {meta keyword} fields that don’t get well indexed by search engines.
Approaching gaming websites like a typical business will lead ultimately to cost overruns and a failed effort with over utilization of resources.
Once you get past the experimenting and the trial and error  the key to accomplishing quality organic marketing is to rely more upon social bookmarking and other sharing options. Being able to display citations, snippets and other references to your gaming site is going to be what builds the needed reputation and legitimacy for getting the attention of savvy online gaming customers.

Fighting Industry Keywords
Online Games has 600,000,000 searches per month.
600 Million competitors!

This one also is a great example of where proper guidance can help you get more for your marketing investment.

You can get as many as 90 people to see you in the search engines for the search term: “bitcoin casino”.

Only 90 people a month search for this on Google. If you pay $25 for AdWords to buy into this keyword then you are Gambling that 1/90 of those impressions will click on your site. That’s a lot of effort to get 1 visitor.

Instead, invest $x.xx on AdWords like “best bitcoin casino” which gets 590 searches per month. This team might cost a few dollars more but gives a larger pool of people seeing your site in the rankings.

Now that you have chosen a less seen keyword like “bitcoin casino” let’s assume that you decide to use that same search term in another campaign in another marketing process like a Press Release or social media. A large investment will be made and will get less attention, and results, then if you also use “best bitcoin casino” in those other marketing efforts of your company.

Overall, 590 vs. 90 searches carries over into so many other areas that this seemingly small and insignificant decision actually just affected potentially 1000s or millions of dollars in man hours and profits.

This also affects the decisions made around choosing long tail keywords which becomes another exponential extension of choice and profitable keywords. Long tail keywords used in marketing may be significantly different for “bitcoin casino” than “best bitcoin casino”.

These are 2 examples of where modifications can be made to get better quality results. But this small keyword selection is just a cross section of 1000s of other things which can be made.

What’s your plan to appear even close to where you can be found in the search engines with terms like this?

No, we will not Guarantee Top 10 ranking. This would be a close to impossible task unless you are well bankrolled.

Marketing gaming sites and other online gambling types of entities requires a more complex approach that is usually overlooked. Many times the parent companies, gaming software publishers, have restrictions on their own sites which create marketing obstacles for their clients. Their vendors.
Since these clients are usually unaware of the server side obstacles they invest a lot of money into marketing (SEO) campaigns which bring absolutely shameful results. In many cases traffic might get sent back to your software publisher and you essentially are paying to market their sites!
In the end, it takes a team, or someone, who is knowledgeable of all these factors which affect the outcome of these campaigns.

Can You Control Your Internet Traffic Like This?

For years we have been able to help throttle traffic on websites based on keywords and other search methods.

Now We Have it Mastered. 

Do you want to be found in the same place(s) as your competitors?

This is what it looks like when we train your traffic to do what you want.

This Is the SEO Dashboard doing what it does.


SEO Dash One Click SEO Beta Test

This Report is from a Live Website In March 2017

Cut Your "SEO" Budget in Half, with Half the Staff in Half the Time with Half the Effort.

Do It Yourselfer Internet Marketing
Over 50% of privately owned companies will attempt to “save money” and keep their resources “in house” by employing people in their own circles to help them manage an Internet Marketing campaign.
The average company will have 5 staff members who are each managing their own personal favorite solution and hiding that while they act like they’re using the company selected promo tools.
This company will spend the next 1-1/2 years looking for ways to get all of these “custom” solutions to do what they want them to do.
During this time little worthwhile or effective marketing will actually take place and a year will pass by before they realize that their staff and resources with their various ideas cost them over $150,000 in resources.
Once the folks in upper management, or the owner(s), realize what is happening on the front lines they have a product that didn’t get promoted.
Now they’re looking for a way to outsource this work and you’re being considered but all 5 staffers still work in this company and don’t want someone else to come take their place. You’re not getting the job but they are all prepared to listen to how you can help their company and their marketing strategy.
The better idea you have the less likely you are to get the job because they just saved theirs.
If you own a business or manage a business this is probably happening, or has happened, or something similar has occurred. It’s a pattern of behavior.
For that reason you need to hire the new entity to manage your strategy, put it into play, and to supervise and delegate within your own staff.
Pay attention to what’s going on because these people will still be protecting themselves and even the most amazing suggestions will be deflected and eventually you’ll become the scapegoat and get released from the job.
Again, as a business owner be aware of this cycle. This is how the cycle goes and it’s how people keep busy. By looking busy and accomplishing even less.
This is why businesses fail on the Internet and this is what needs to be avoided.

SEO and other Annoying Internet Service Provider Poachers acting like Street Hustlers

Ethics in business.
Ethics in Internet Marketing.
Ethics in SEO.
Ethics IN LIFE.
Ethics to me is not something you need to be taught. It’s who you are. It’s who I am.
Quality and productive business relationships are built on ethics.
Argue it if you will but when two parties communicate they can accomplish a lot. Phone calls have fallen by the wayside and business relationships have for some reason become less committed. People and companies have become accustomed to the fly by night services which have forced them into a pattern of testing out new fads at a whim. On an impulsive moment all logic of maintaining positive alliances which for lack of a better term “have your back”. Not just a firm, a consultant or 3rd party provider but a committed individual or team who quite literally have your back when it comes to business. For your Internet relationships. For your business like it was their own.
Doing business like it used to be done when major decisions had the courtesy of a meeting or a discussion.
Here is where we introduce Internet Poachers.

Internet Poachers

Introducing a discussion forum on 3rd party agencies who brutally poach your clients and steal them with lies and manipulation on topics that the clients are too shy to admit that they don’t understand.
Stealing SEO and Internet Marketing ClientsThis is where client communication is critical to make sure that these things are introduced because rarely will a vendor, service provider, SEO agency, get the chance to defend anything they do before another company suddenly has your client’s website pointing to their DNS.
Mistakes to Avoid.
Coming Soon. Like to be notified when this discussion continues.
This is a direct quote from the link to the right of the folks in a tug of war.
I set out to write more on this topic because too often we’re seeing poachers come in and wine and dine clients like they were professional athletes. Loyalty on one side and ethics on the other it’s all about money which is just a matter of priority. But it is this loyalty which helps both parties to benefit because when there is a level of stability a vendor might throw more freebies on the table.
I encourage business business owners to read this article as well as implement some practices which hel nurture strong vendor relationships.
“It’s because of your lack of account oversight and continued training. (tweet this)

  • You didn’t tie the activity back to metrics that the client could use – so even though you may have made an impact, they may not have understood the difference it made.
  • There was no strategy – or at least not one that tied back to client goals and needs – so the client couldn’t substantiate the spend or didn’t see results where they were needed.
  • Once you won the account, the team didn’t deliver on the initial pitch – leaving the client high and dry wondering what the heck happened.
  • The team handling the account doesn’t have enough experience – so the results were poor and the client ended the relationship due to lack of results.”