Using Bitcoin to access Your Funds Across International Banking Obstacles

As a citizen of the USA I have often had challenges with moving money from one country to another due to daily and monthly maximums.
With the growth of Bitcoin we have eliminated the restrictions and can now move money around outside of the currency regulations without breaking any laws and actually staying well within the laws.
The short story is that with the ever increasing value of Bitcoin many people have found that the purchase of Bitcoins has quickly created a self cancelling benefit when the Bitcoin increases in value before cashing out all or some of your funds.
Example, if you are in New York or Canada and buy $5,000 in Bitcoins (approximately 4 Bitcoins at the time of this article) that Bitcoin might increase in value and an increase of only $50 in the value can easily negate any transfer fees that may have been incurred.
Now you not only reduce or eliminate fees for money transfers but you can also move and access money from anywhere in the world.
Be honest on your taxes and track the movement but eliminate the mess of the paperwork and delays waiting for your money.
For more information contact us using this form and we can help assist you with your specific financial situation to see if Bitcoin can offer you a safe and reputable solution to getting your money.

Credit Card Payments vs. Bitcoin Payments Online

Maybe you have a tourist business like a hotelĀ or another type of business that takes payments from different parts of the world.
You are always at risk of credit card fraud and chargebacks as the concerns of identity theft increase.
As an online business you know how often these situations come up and with Bitcoin you can protect your business from Chargebacks due to stolen credit cards and other less secure payment methods.
When someone pays with Bitcoin you might also enjoy an increase in value before you even take the money out!
(Or it might drop so be careful but that is unlikely for quite some time!)

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Example of a reputable site which helps to facilitate the transfer of funds
to and from Bitcoin to Costa Rica’s Banco Nacional system.