Falling Apart with Site Errors

yellow pages
November 13, 2013: Screen Shot of the registration and sign in page for for a straight 6 hour period. Understaffed and not sure how to fix their site.

Sometimes I scratch my head and wonder why it is that companies like Yellowpages are able to hold their client base.
Over the last 6 hours we have watched the website for the grand old Yellow Pages come apart at the seams.
The great empire used to be the leader in advertising every respectable business in the Northern Hemisphere with pricey ads in their free directory that magically showed up on our doorsteps a couple times a year.
Not so much anymore.
What happened to this company? They were mismanaged by the old management who wasn’t familiar with new technology. Unfortunately like many old marketing empires this company has fallen victim to being comfortable thinking that they didn’t need to change with the times.
Over the recent years has attempted to enter the Internet Marketing market but have kept their same upper management and old ideas. They allowed some middle management guys in there to create SEO departments which offer high dollar solutions that don’t really give you the bang for their buck.
By our experiences recently attempting to assist clients with getting listings polished up we see just how well they are doing. They might be getting website advice from our friends in Washington D.C.
Here’s the clincher. A company such as this doesn’t have the ability to customize solutions for clients in a dynamic environment because they work with industry templates and cookie cutter solutions. Sales people can’t be creative because they have to answer to an upper management that only understands print advertising.
I expect to write more on this down the road as well as more articles on and other companies who are really falling out of touch with new technologies.
Keep your SEO with a company who can keep up with the necessary daily changes and not fall victim to bureaucracy stifling creativity and keeping up with daily and weekly changes in technologies and standards.
Most companies will charge half as much as and while providing many times the level of service as well as more personalized service with less turnover.
yellow pages errors welcomes your feedback so they have provided their public with a link. How Kind!
Here is where that link goes:   *Links to this very page so you really can’t report any issues….and they are a 9-5 shop with no after hours support for their paying customers.
It’s quite a shameful operation for a billion dollar company. Where do you want to put YOUR advertising dollars?